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As many would expect from a premier roofing company, Proline Roofing Ltd covers all aspects of roof repairs, installation and maintenance. Included as part of these services is our specialist care for fascias, soffits and guttering for domestic customers in Newbury and Thatcham. These components serve a vital purpose in preventing water and animal-related damage while improving the appearance of the roof as a whole, so it’s important to get them right.

Contact us to learn more about what we can do for your fascias, soffits and guttering. Feel free to also ask us about roof repairs and new roof installations in the local area.


Quality Installations and Repairs

Proline Roofing Ltd is proud to offer a reliable and detail-orientated service specific to fascias, soffits and guttering. We can carry out the following work for our customers in Newbury, Thatcham and other nearby locations:

  • Fascia Installation

  • Steel Gutter Installation

  • Timber Gutter Installation

  • Soffit Installation

  • UPVC Gutter Installation

  • Aluminium Gutter Installation

  • Guttering Repairs

As a professional and experienced roofing company, we know that it’s essential to provide a variety of roofing services. Everyone’s needs are different, and we like to give our customers a choice of roofing solutions that match the specifications of their property and their budget.


What are Fascias, Soffits and Guttering?

It’s unlikely that all homeowners know what fascias, soffits and guttering are or how they contribute to your roofing system. Here’s a quick breakdown:


A fascia is a vertical sideboard at the edge of your roof that is easily visible on the side of your house. Fascias support the lower edge of tiles or shingles on your roof. They are used to install your gutters while also being a visually appealing element of your roof due to their visibility.


Soffits are similar in that both are typically made from wood, aluminium or vinyl. However, they serve different purposes. Soffits are exposed boards underneath the overhanging section of your roof that are vital for airflow in and out of your roof and prevent animals and insects from entering your home.


Roofs have a guttering system of a series of troughs lining sections of your roof edge along the fascia boards to help with water drainage from the roof and prevent avoidable damage to the roof and the building’s foundations. Gutters are made from various materials, including steel, concrete, PVC and other plastics.

Signs You Need Repairs

Being able to identify signs of damage to your fascias, soffits and guttering can help you get early roof repairs from a professional roofing company such as us and prevent potential roofing emergencies. If you come across any of the following signs on your Newbury or Thatcham property, give us a call-

  • Overflowing Water/Leaks

  • Animal Infestations (Typically Birds, Mice, Bugs, Rodents)

  • Plant Growth in Gutters

  • Sagging Gutters

  • Moisture and Ventilation Issues

  • Cracking, Staining or Other Signs of Damage

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